Why Lead-Free?

You CAN make a difference in protecting our waterways now and for future generations when you use non-toxic, lead free weights and shot. BossTin is making it easy. We manufacture a huge array of non-toxic fishing weights for fly fishing, bass, walleye and multi-species bait anglers. We are avid anglers from Colorado with 30 years of fishing experience. We share your passion for fishing, and understand what it takes to be successful on the water.

Every Boss Tin product is designed with two things in mind: performance and the health of our waters.

We offer weights in all of the classic designs, but we have also stepped outside the box with innovative weight and shot designs to help you catch more and bigger fish, and have more fun doing it.

We have created six-way and four-way dispensers as well as revolutionary items such as our One Shot Split Shot dispenser, Stix and Stonez line and our all-in-one StylerStat Tool.

These new items are so unique:

  • They have little or no splash effect when the shot hits the water
  • Less drag in the water
  • Camo to help keep the fish from seeing the weights and shot.

We know you will not find anything in the market that works as well.

Environmentally Responsible
Boss Tin products are SAFE Angling certified by the non-profit organization Recycled Fish. SAFE Angling stands for “Sustaining Angling, Fish and Ecosystems,” and it includes the products and practices an angler can use while on the water to be a good steward. Learn more at http://www.recycledfish.org/safe-angling/index.htm

Let’s face it. Lead is not the single worst thing facing our waters. But it sure isn’t the best. The way it is mined poisons our waters. The way it is refined poisons our waters. The way that it is transported is not good for our waters. Worst, when lead fishing tackle is lost in the environment, it is a proven killer of fish and wildlife. Lead tackle also adds contamination of surface water – our drinking water supply.

As anglers, our goal is to catch fish. We don’t head out and think, “I’d like to distribute a toxic metal today.” The only reason that we use lead is that we have to present our flies, lures and baits, and it’s a cheap, readily available way to do that.

Today, Boss Tin offers a cost-effective, readily available way to effectively present flies, baits and lures without those negative effects to our waters.

That means more than catching more and bigger fish – it means helping provide healthy waters to our grandkids and their grandkids.

Who wouldn’t get on board with that?

Join Boss Tin and become an UNLEADED ANGLER. Our waters need not just sportsmen, but stewards. Fishing with Boss Tin is one more way that you can steward your waters through your fishing adventures. You can download and read the article “Recycled Fish: We Are Stewards” to learn more about being a steward.

Finally, we hope that you’ll check out our partner, Recycled Fish, and take the Sportsman’s Stewardship Pledge at www.RecycledFish.org.

Learn More About Lead Poisoning
You can download and read the article “Lead Poisoning in Wild Birds” to learn more about how lead fishing tackle affects birds.

If you don’t have Adobe Reader to open the PDF order form you can download it below.